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Kyle Morland’s (b.1986, Johannesburg) practice engages sculpture and photography as a means of documenting and reimagining functional forms and structures. His continuously growing archive of photographs resonates in his sculptures, as he borrows and stretches industrial forms and materials. Morland often makes his own tools in order to realise his sculptures, creating functionless forms from his studio which is, at times, reminiscent of an industrial workshop. Morland realises his ideas within the context of self-imposed formal constraints —responding to challenges he sets for himself in creating the work.

Solo exhibitions:


2021: Variations on a lofted bend, blank projects. Cape


2018: New Work, blank projects. Cape Town
2017: Now and Then: El Look and Kyle Morland, Zeitz

          Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. Cape Town 2016: Assemble, blank projects. Cape Town
2016: Surplus: Special Projects for the Cape Town art

          fair. Cape Town
2015: NODE, blank projects. Cape Town
2013: New Sculptures, blank projects. Cape Town
2011: FalseworkII, blank projects.CapeTown
2010: Elevator, In Collaboration with Claire van Blerk,

          Michael Stevenson, CapeTown
2009: There Can Be No Disputing Over Matters of

          Taste, Michealis Graduate Exhibition. Cape Town



Group exhibitions:


IOblank projects, Cape Town.

ToolboxUnder Projects, Cape Town.



ModelA4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town.

blank at No9 Cork street. London

Sculptures of CarsUnder Projects, Cape Town.

Parallel Play 2. A4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town. 

Seeds of the Fig. Whatiftheworld Twee Jonge Gezellen         Farm, Tulbagh. 

The Future is Behind Us. A4 Arts Foundation, Cape              Town. 


The thing itself exists everywhere: blank projects,

      Cape Town, 



ApartmentThe  Fourth, Cape Town

Unfolding Questions, Codes, and Contours:

    Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, Tromsø



Art Joburg: blank projects, Johannesburg

Armory, New York

Sounding the Void, Imagining the Orchestra V.1. A4

    Arts Foundation. Cape Town
The Head The Hand, Blank projects. Cape Town



blank, Galerie Guido W. Baudach. Berlin
Parallel Play, A4 Arts Foundation. Cape Town

Open Agenda. Blank projects. Cape Town



17, a summer show. blank projects. Cape Town

Smart Principles. Atlantic House. Cape Town

More for Less, A4 Arts Foundation. Cape Town

Afterword. blank projects. Cape Town

Figure. blank projects. Cape Town
Woman Work; Crafting Stories, Subverting Narratives. South African Museum. Cape Town

blank at the Trumpet. Keys Art Mile, Rosebank,
Off the Wall: An 80th Celebration with Linda Givon. Wits

     Art Museum. Johannesburg

Bootleg Triennial, Atlantic House. Cape Town
Tomorrows/Today, Special Project at Cape Town Art Fair

Furniture, blank projects. Cape Town

Open Printmaking Studio 2015. The Association of

     Visual Arts. Cape Town

Winter Sculpture Fair, Nirox foundation. Johannesburg


Shaaa, Atlantic House. Cape Town

Next thing you know. blank projects. Cape Town

Thinking, Feeling, Head, Heart. The New Church

     Museum. Cape Town

The Collectors, Supermarket Art Fair. Stockholm

Bzaar III, Atlantic House. Cape Town


This is the Thing, A Group Show of New Material, blank

     projects. Cape Town
Terminal, Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative

     Arts. Cape Town

Back to the Future: Abstract Art in South Africa Past and

     Present, SMAC Gallery. Stellenbosch

Flag New York City, New York

blank projects in Johannesburg, Ithuba Art Trust,


Bzaar II, Fairweather House. Cape Town

Housewarming, Atlantic House. Cape Town

An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World, Ithuba

     Arts Gallery. Braamfontein
Collective.1 Design Fair, New York

Heavy Metal, Southern Guild. Cape Town


When Form Becomes Attitude, blank projects. Cape


Bootleg, Evil Son. Cape Town

A Shot To The Arse , Michaelis Gallery. Cape Town
Overland Reverie, Entopic Group, Online
Working Title, Goodman Gallery. Cape Town

Collection 15, SMAC Gallery. Cape Town

The Independent Publishing Project
, Blank Projects.

     Cape Town

Overland Reverie, R Stevenson Gallery. Cape Town

The Night Show, Goodman Gallery Cape. Cape Town

SasoI New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum. Pretoria

Time On Our Hands, V&A Waterfront. Cape Town

Video Experiments I, Little Theatre. Cape Town


Pillow Talk, Centre for African Studies,Cape Town.





University of South Africa

The New Church Museum
A4 Arts Foundation

Zietz Museum of Contemporary Arts Africa

Emile Stipp Collection

Protea group

Scheryn Collection

Private collections

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